QuantiFire is a specialist investor research and engagement business based in London.

We have designed a highly effective, technology-driven methodology that achieves large-scale direct engagement with investors. This is much more efficient than conventional outreach and helps companies to better understand the needs and interests of their investors.

Our clients can accurately measure (and benchmark) market sentiment, analyse important changes over time and uncover how perception is impacting investment behaviour. Ultimately, this unique insight allows IR to focus precious time and resources in a much more efficient way.


QuantiFire primarily conducts online engagement via email outreach and online forms which investors complete in their own time. It is a simple approach, but one that is underpinned by sophisticated technology and processes.

This offers some unique and significant advantages, including:

Scale of engagement: We often engage a large number of investors at the same time, not just your top holders. This could be hundreds of investors for a perception study, or a few thousand when we are conducting ‘global interest research’. By making sure that our process is sympathetic to the interests of individual investors, we are building communities of investors who appreciate the benefits of our approach.

Investor convenience: Investors and analysts can respond to QuantiFire in their own time via any device. We also enable optional anonymity and investors frequently tell us how much they value QuantiFire’s direct and conflict-free method of engagement. We are pleased that many individuals provide very detailed feedback via our service.

Quantifying sentiment: We quantify and analyse investor perception in a way that cannot be replicated through traditional methods. When investors tell us their level of confidence in your strategy, for example, we measure and benchmark their responses, analyse how this is changing over time, compare different groups (e.g. holders vs non-holders, US vs Europe) and then extrapolate key target lists based on this information.

Objective analysis: QuantiFire’s team has extensive experience in IR and we recognise the value of providing objective intelligence to our clients.  No consultant or broker understands your business better than you do, so our aim is simple: to deliver ‘data enabled insight’ that makes it as easy as possible for you to form your own judgements and conclusions.