10 Benefits of Dynamic Perception Analysis:


There are many advantages to utilising modern, well proven technologies in order to form the clearest possible understanding of the external perspectives surrounding an investment proposition.   Here are a few:

  • 1. Timely feedback on the issues that matter

    No more long delays before feedback arrives. No more problems with ‘no broker feedback policies’. No more vague or poor quality information. So it was a “good meeting”… Great.  What QuantiFire offers is prompt, ‘quantifiable’ feedback on the subjects that you want to hear about.

  • 2. A more convenient feedback process for your investors & analysts

    Investors and analysts can submit their feedback in a fast, convenient and secure way, however they choose (mobile / tablet / desktop).  What’s more they can do so in their own time (on their commute for instance), rather than taking a phone call in the middle of a busy day. Perhaps this is why 80% of respondents have described our service as being convenient or very convenient…

  • 3. Capture the opinions of a wider audience

    Our methodology potentially allows you to reach out to much larger groups of respondents than conventional phone work can achieve.  We can help you to understand how the full range of your investors (or potential investors) are thinking,  not just the biggest or most vocal, or those who have the closest relationships with your brokers.

  • 4. Feedback visibility by ‘constituency’

    By incorporating additional data against market feedback, IR teams and management are suddenly able to examine the perspectives of different, specific constituencies.  For example, how clear is your view of what feedback have you been getting from investors in a particular country on any particular series of issues?  Or, how well are your management meetings addressing the concerns of your biggest potential investors?  Or, where are the main differences of opinion between buyers & sellers or overweights and underweights?


    How useful would a ‘constituency view’ be when you are preparing the messaging for your next roadshow?

  • 5. Trend, issue and opportunity identification

    The chances are that you have a pretty clear view on what the ‘issues of the moment’ relating to your company’s investment proposition might be.  After all, market participants are hardly shy about making their concerns known. However, by capturing feedback and perception information regularly and by processing and recording this in the right way, it becomes possible to quickly and easily identify the trends, issues and opportunities that are of relevance to your IR programme, as they evolve over time.

  • 6. Improved management information

    QuantiFire produces uniquely modern, professional and easy to understand management reporting information, which can be delivered via smartphones & tablets, as well as more conventional reporting.  We enable you to easily produce clear and engaging visual information that can be ‘dragged and dropped’ into management reports.

  • 7. Flexibility to suite your programme

    Our service is deployed on a very flexible basis: as little or as much as is needed to support your IR calendar.  We start by building an understanding of exactly how your programme of annual activity works, so that we can schedule the most appropriate and cost effective programme of feedback and perception analysis.  Our aim is to equip you with the insight that you need to deliver outstanding service to your investors and to your senior management.  No more, no less.

  • 8. An independent service that overcomes ‘no broker feedback policies’

    QuantiFire is completely independent and we make it very clear to investors that their feedback is provided directly through to you, the investee company. It is a fundamental part of our service that there is no risk (or perception of risk) regarding investor feedback being intermediated.  As a result we have collected feedback from numerous high profile investors who operate a ‘no broker feedback’ policy.

  • 9. A new level of information utility

    Gathering perception & feedback information as data is a new idea for Investor Relations. What it means is that this information now has far higher utility, because it can be measured, cross-tabulated and analysed in detail, over time. And it isn’t only about market sentiment, we can incorporate all sorts of different data into our online visualisation and reporting software… if you want to ‘see’ your data, we can present it to you in the most compelling way imaginable.

  • 10. A much more cost effective solution

    Because you are not paying for time and we are not selling advice, QuantiFire’s service is very inexpensive compared with traditional consultant-lead perception studies and equivalent activities.   Our prices vary according to the level of support that we provide however we want to earn your trust before we earn our fee.  We therefore allow new clients to try before you buy… contact us to learn more.