We believe that through our unique combination of direct engagement on a large scale and the ability to quantify investor feedback, we can develop a much broader and clearer picture of what investors think.

The key advantages of our approach are:


Rather than focusing on just a few selected major holders, we can engage with hundreds of investors at the same time. This could be your entire IR contact list for a perception study, or many more potential targets from our database when establishing interest in your company.


We can quantify and analyse investor and analyst sentiment in a way that cannot be replicated through conventional methodologies. Our online approach allows us to incorporate more quantitative questions, making it possible to accurately measure and benchmark what the investment community thinks and to track changes in sentiment over time.


By analysing the results of our engagement projects in conjunction with your Share ID and meeting history, we can compare the views of your major shareholders with those held by smaller/non-holders and assess the impact of your meeting activity.


Investors and analysts can respond to us in their own time and their own words, via their laptops or smartphones, and anonymously if they prefer. We are frequently told how much they value this flexible and unconflicted method of engaging with companies, and the comments they provide are often extremely detailed, considered and insightful.