Perception Studies

Perception Audits

Every now and then it makes sense to do a deeper dive into the market sentiment surrounding your investment proposition. QuantiFire offers a uniquely data-centric and and quantifiable approach, with results that you can not only measure, but also test for statistical significance. This service offers much higher response rates and much lower costs than are associated with traditional perception study work.





Event Support


Results presentations / Conferences / Capital Markets Days / Investor Seminars… Whatever the event, whether it is real world or online, QuantiFire provides a turnkey registration and feedback reporting service. Our service is hassle-free and delivers a clear set of results every time.






IR Data Integration

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Most IR teams work with a lot of different sets of data, QuantiFire pulls all of this information together into one simple reporting service, with a clear focus on illustrating the ’cause & effect’ of IR.  By using integrated information in this way, we offer a completely new type of IR analysis and reporting.







Analysis & Reporting Tools


QuantiFire’s IR Analysis Dashboard delivers visualised information that clearly shows where limited IR resources can be deployed for best effect – according to the data. This groundbreaking service also provides turnkey analysis for investor targeting, roadshow planning, message refinements, board reporting and more.