What We Do

  • What QuantiFire does:

    QuantiFire collects and analyses feedback and perception towards public companies (or companies with listed debt) from the key individuals and opinion formers within capital markets.

    We use proven technologies to convert this information into data in order that it can then be measured, trended, combined with other data and tested for statistical significance.  Finally, we report the results in a way that is both visually compelling and easy to understand, using powerful data analysis and reporting tools.

  • What our service will tell you:

    Since it is QuantiFire’s objective to provide clear success measures and strategic insight, through regular collection and analysis of market sentiment, it stands to reason that we adopt a tailor made approach for each individual client.  However, our unique processes will produce the following types of information, amongst others:


    • A quantifiable view of the impact that your communication activity is having on the level of understanding around key messages.

    • The areas of information that are currently of greatest interest to investors and to different sub-groups of investors.

    • The extent to which your disclosure practice / corporate website / social media activity (etc) is meeting the information requirements of target audiences.

    • Significant correlations, such as how the degree of understanding around company strategy influences the perceived attractiveness of the growth proposition.

    • How the quality of your IR programme is influencing the views that are held regarding various other aspects of your company.

    • How the answers to these, and other questions, are evolving over time in response to your activities.