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Charles Hamlyn

Charles has been developing and delivering technology related services to the IR community for the past 14 years. Previously the Head of UK Sales at Investis, he also established the London office of Orient Capital before taking a Director role at King Worldwide Investor Relations. In November 2012 Charles set up QuantiFire to provide investor…


Andy Waller

Andy brings to QuantiFire more than 16 years experience in investor relations advisory covering a broad spectrum of IR issues.  Previously the Head of Research and Analysis at Taylor Rafferty, Andy pioneered many of the capital markets intelligence practices in the market today and is a highly regarded expert in areas such as investor targeting,…


Tim Dew

Tim has been assisting investor relations teams around the globe with their research function for over 6 years. He started his career as an Analyst at capital markets intelligence firm Capital Precision, then held an Associate Director of Analytics role at King Worldwide Investor Relations, specialising in global shareholder identification and analysis. He is a…