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  • Why would an IRO want to use this service?

    We believe that QuantiFire currently offers the most effective means available of quantifying, analyzing and reporting external perception. Our service is designed to fit in perfectly with the IR programme and our reporting platform allows IRO’s to very easily identify and interrogate important trends in market perception, as they evolve.  Progressive IRO’s want to use our service because the strategic insights that it provides gives them a competitive edge – this is why some of our first clients are FTSE 100 IR Directors.

  • Why would investors want to use this service?

    Mainly because our methodology is a timely, quick and convenient way to provide feedback, whilst it is fresh in the mind. It is made clear that feedback is submitted directly to the IRO, with no intermediation, so QuantiFire has been able to obtain feedback from investors who operate a ‘No broker feedback policy’. Feedback can be provided at a time that is convenient to the investor (rather than taking a call when they are busy) and in addition we give investors the option to respond anonymously, if they wish.

  • Doesn’t this clash with what my brokers do?

    QuantiFire’s service is highly complimentary to that which is provided by brokers.  Since brokers are in contact with investors the whole time it stands to reason that they are ideally placed to offer contextual insight on a continuous basis, based on the interaction and communication that they have with the market.  Our service is simple to deconflict and adds a more data centric approach, where we get responses to the specific questions that you want to have answered, in a format that can be measured and analysed over time.  Also, we are not restricted to or influenced by any client relationships and can therefore provide a consistency of reporting and analysis across different investors and different events.

  • How is this different from the feedback that my Financial PR firm provides?

    Financial PR firms typically specialise in collecting feedback from key ‘opinion formers’ within the media and sell side brokerages.  QuantiFire also gathers feedback from these important audiences, but the core of our service is focussed on the opinions of the investors themselves.  In addition, QuantiFire is a technology-driven service provider, offering information, analysis and reporting and not the more advisory services that are provided by financial PR firms.

  • Isn’t this just an online survey?

    The feedback software that we use is similar, but the similarity ends there.  There are two significant differences between QuantiFire and online survey providers, firstly we provide a fully managed service in close support of the IR calendar, which means that we get involved in all aspects of the planning and design of your feedback (questions, structure and presentation).  We manage the distribution and the follow up, we also clean and process the data in order to deliver formatted, ‘Board ready’ reporting.  You provide us with direction / approval in respect to your feedback templates and the contact list, we take care of everything else.  Secondly and importantly, we combine the results with the additional key IR data (which also needs to be processed) and migrate this into our powerful online analysis tool, which creates an entirely new way of looking at investor feedback.  We add value to the process because we understand IR, so we can help you to achieve the insights, trend data and management information that will make a difference to your programme.

  • How is this different to a perception study service?

    Traditional perception studies are a valuable tool for many companies, particularly those who wish to work closely with external advisors. However, they can be laborious and expensive to produce and generally deliver insights into market sentiment as a snapshot in time. QuantiFire’s service is greatly different, most obviously because sentiment is processed as data which gives rise to new ways to look at this information, but also because it is quick, inexpensive and delivers insights on an ongoing basis through regular incorporation of feedback information.  If you want to see the trends, you need to speak to QuantiFire.

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