The problem

Feedback is failing as a process within capital markets. 

Although feedback tools have evolved rapidly for employee and consumer markets, before QuantiFire there was no convenient solution that allowed investors to deliver direct, consolidated feedback to corporate officers.

Without a professional, dedicated system, obtaining feedback from investor communities is extremely difficult and analysing it is almost impossible. As a result, companies are unable to properly understand and react to critical changes in market perception, which are fundamental to valuation.

The vision

QuantiFire was founded to solve the feedback problem in capital markets by developing a user-friendly solution for engaging time-poor institutional investors and analysts.

By keeping the needs of the investor front-of-mind, we aim to provide not only improved one-to-one reporting but also consolidated, market-level insights that we call Feedback Intelligence.

Having worked out how to engage investors securely, sensitively and at scale, QuantiFire has also developed a professional reporting format that is designed to deliver unexpected value to investor relations teams and senior management. 

Today, we are proud to provide Feedback Intelligence services to world-leading companies across three continents. 

Our purpose

QuantiFire’s purpose has always been to help our clients to win the confidence of capital markets through a better understanding of the needs and interests of shareholders and potential investors.  

Achieving this objective by modern, creative and disruptive means is what continues to drive us. 

Our ethos

We are excited to be developing Feedback Intelligence as a new category of market intelligence for investor relations and increasingly, corporate sustainability teams.

By definition we maintain a culture of constant innovation, learning and improvement. In keeping with this, our team is dedicated to providing clients with the uncompromising level of service and value for money that they deserve.