• Key challenges with investor events

    High profile corporate events such as Capital Markets Days are critical occasions when reputations are on the line. Everything has to be perfect.  

    Pre-event and post-event analysis is essential. Whilst online technologies have made some aspects more straightforward, there are still many challenges to face. The critical challenges that QuantiFire helps with include:

    • Identifying and registering the biggest and best possible audience
    • Confirming which topics your investors and analysts most want to learn more about
    • Quantitative and qualitative assessments of how successful your event has been
    • Clear analysis of which areas could be improved in the future
    • End-to-end data compliance with UK and EU GDPR and other data privacy regulations
  • How we help

    To win the confidence of the capital markets it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the needs and interests of shareholders and potential investors. However, at a busy time with many actors and intermediaries, this is easier said than done.

    QuantiFire solves this problem by allowing companies to easily engage investors 'at scale', in a systemised and convenient way. 

    New platforms and services for online engagement are evolving almost daily. The key to success lies not in trying to keep up with the latest developments but in maintaining a rigorous focus on the needs of the audience. However, successfully obtaining and analysing responses from investor audiences requires niche capabilities. It is in the niche area of investor audiences that QuantiFire excels. 

    As a dedicated provider of online investor engagement solutions, QuantiFire has developed online engagement and reporting solutions that are specifically designed for pre-event preparation and post-event analysis. We engage investors using an online process that is professional, secure and user friendly. High response rates and value-added data and analytics generate insights specifically tailored to help you to prioritise the needs and interests of your investor community, now and in the future.

  • What we deliver

    There are three critical areas our Event Support service focuses on:

    1. Increasing your audience: QuantiFire offers a turn-key solution for increasing the size and quality of the investor audience that registers for your event. Our programme of outreach carefully targets relevant individuals (globally). Our methods are highly effective and always data-compliant.

    2. Optimising your content: To ensure the success of your event it is vital to understand which topics are of greatest interest to the investor community. This informs not only the overall schedule of the event but where you should provide granular versus high-level content so that your audience remains interested and engaged.

    3. Measuring your impact: QuantiFire has discovered the best ways to request feedback to generate maximum value for analysis and reporting. Clear analytical reporting using qualitative commentary and quantitative analyses pinpoints key areas of success and weakness. This makes it easy to pinpoint how events can be systematically improved over time.

What investors say

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  • Thanks for getting in touch, much appreciated. I have just completed the online form and we are looking forward to speaking/meeting with you. Investment Manager
  • This is how all companies should manage their IR distribution, congratulations. Hedge Fund manager
  • This was really proactive and I appreciate it! Investment Manager
  • Good that you do a good post-event follow up. So few companies do so. Investment Manager
  • Thank you all for doing a great job. I am very happy with your openness and expect you will benefit from initiatives like this. Broker
  • I welcome this interaction and approach, aiming to engage with the investment community. Hedge Fund manager
  • Thank you for this opportunity to engage. Investment Manager
  • Thank you for this outreach - it can be very difficult to get access to EU/UK IR and mgmt teams from the US - you are doing the best job at proactively getting in front of us. Investment Manager
  • This feedback form is a good idea. Broker
  • Please continue this outreach to debt investors. An annual or biannual meeting would be tremendously helpful. Need not be only at the time of issuance. Investment Manager
  • We appreciate the opportunity to engage and give our feedback. Investment Manager
  • I find it rather encouraging that the Co has sought feedback so fervently! Investment Manager
  • Thank you for providing this opportunity to feedback, I hope it's useful. Investment Manager
  • ESG has become absolutely vital for investors. You should continue this openness for engagement and dialogue. Investment Manager
  • Very good and differentiating idea to ask for investors interest in this way! Investment Manager
  • Please encourage other issuers across Europe liaise directly with investors instead of going through intermediaries. It is unconflicted, lower cost and totally viable with technology advancements. Investment Manager
  • I appreciate you being pro active and outward looking as evidenced by this outreach. Investment Manager
  • I would very much appreciate the opportunity to meet the company. Thanks for getting in touch! Private Wealth Manager
  • Thanks for the invitation, and for taking the initiative to make the introduction. We would appreciate the chance to meet. Private Wealth Manager
  • Thank you for asking for feedback. Investment Manager
  • Great to hear from you. We are definitely interested in following the company and would be grateful to be kept in the loop for roadshows, CMDs and IR presentations, etc. Thanks so much. Investment Manager
  • I thought I would say thanks as you are doing exactly what I would love to see more companies doing. This is the way forward. Investment Manager
  • It is always good to see companies being proactive and wanting to meet investors, so this outreach is appreciated. Investment Manager
  • Well done on doing this. None of your peers have undertaken this exercise. Investment Manager
  • We appreciate you taking more time to engage with investors in the US. Investment Manager
  • I think this proactive approach to investor engagement is excellent. Investment Manager
  • Reaching out to investors in this way is a positive move and will help investors to understand your story. Hedge Fund manager
  • Excellent outreach. Thanks Hedge Fund manager
  • We are delighted to receive this information and to be on your distribution list. Hedge Fund manager
  • This direct feedback loop is a great step in the right direction and something that only a few companies do. Broker
  • Keep up good work. This is another example thereof! Broker
  • It is great that you are doing this investor outreach and I do get the sense that the company is making great strides to improve. Investment Manager

QuantiFire's Event Support makes it easy to maximise the return on investment for your critical investor events now and in the future.