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  • Key challenges with market feedback

    At a time when companies face economic, environmental, social, technological, regulatory and political disruption, high-quality feedback from the investor community could not be more urgent or important.

    Whilst investors have always been wary of sharing sensitive opinions with brokers, in recent years investment banks have been confronted by various market and regulatory developments that have made the process even harder. The upshot is that for many companies, feedback has now reached the point of failure. Even where it is provided, feedback today is mostly anonymous, light on detail and far short of an accurate market-level view.

    Collecting investor feedback independently brings with it a host of technical and regulatory challenges, especially with regard to capturing and managing data. Further challenges must also be overcome in order to maximise response rates as well as the quality and value of reporting.

    However, this is a challenge that QuantiFire has been built to solve, because investor feedback is as important as it is neglected. Not only is it the primary success measure for most IR professionals, in an age of rapid change and uncertainty it is also vital intelligence for senior management.

    For ambitious IR teams, the time to upgrade to Feedback Intelligence is now.

  • How we help

    Following several years of research and development in this field, QuantiFire is the leading expert on collecting, analysing and reporting investor feedback. Our service is highly specialised and unique in the market.

    With investor interaction becoming increasingly virtual, QuantiFire keeps the needs of the investor front of mind. Our online feedback solutions are designed with secure and innovative protocols that respect investors’ time and privacy whilst improving user experience. Feedback is obtained on a rolling timetable or a flexible basis, ahead of results or following meetings, roadshows, conferences and events. 

    Impactful management reporting contains clear analytical insights and offers a competitive advantage by converting individual responses into market-level perspectives on corporate strategy and communication. This is Feedback Intelligence.

  • What we deliver

    QuantiFire delivers more feedback from more investors by focusing rigorously on the needs and constraints of this community. The resulting Feedback Intelligence makes it much easier for IR professionals to:

    • See the bigger picture by reviewing written comments alongside quantitative perception scores 
    • Benchmark and trend current market sentiment against an extensive dataset of standardised investor feedback
    • Isolate critical service opportunities — and risks — with individual investors
    • Optimise IR programmes to strengthen investor relationships at scale
    • Deliver board-quality reporting with authoritative, market-level intelligence that adds real value to strategic thinking

    Feedback Intelligence is an overdue, new category of market intelligence for the investor relations profession.

What investors say

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  • This direct feedback loop is a great step in the right direction and something that only a few companies do. Broker
  • Thank you for providing this opportunity to feedback, I hope it's useful. Investment Manager
  • I find it rather encouraging that the Co has sought feedback so fervently! Investment Manager
  • Thank you for your questions and for listening to us. Investment Manager
  • This feedback form is a good idea. Broker
  • Direct contact like this works better than depending on sell-side/brokers. Investment Manager
  • Well done for starting to ask the right questions. Independent Research
  • Thank you for asking for feedback. Investment Manager
  • We appreciate the opportunity to engage and give our feedback. Investment Manager
  • Thanks for requesting our feedback on the strategy, this structured & comprehensive approach is good. Investment Manager
  • Thanks for doing this research - sometimes you hear things you do not want to but try to see it as constructive criticism. Broker
  • Thank you all for doing a great job. I am very happy with your openness and expect you will benefit from initiatives like this. Broker
  • Keep up good work. This is another example thereof! Broker
  • Excellent outreach. Thanks Hedge Fund manager
  • Well done on doing this. None of your peers have undertaken this exercise. Investment Manager
  • I thought I would say thanks as you are doing exactly what I would love to see more companies doing. This is the way forward. Investment Manager
  • Very good initiative now that there is less contact through brokers. Thanks. Investment Manager
  • I appreciate these efforts to understand your investor base. Investment Manager
  • This was really proactive and I appreciate it! Investment Manager
  • I appreciate you being pro active and outward looking as evidenced by this outreach. Investment Manager
  • Please encourage other issuers across Europe liaise directly with investors instead of going through intermediaries. It is unconflicted, lower cost and totally viable with technology advancements. Investment Manager
  • ESG has become absolutely vital for investors. You should continue this openness for engagement and dialogue. Investment Manager
  • Thank you for this opportunity to engage. Investment Manager
  • It is great that you are doing this investor outreach and I do get the sense that the company is making great strides to improve. Investment Manager

You need more than clear feedback from individual fund managers and analysts. You need authoritative market-level insights.