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  • Key challenges with perception studies

    Interviewing investors is a classically time-consuming process that puts pressure on consultants to either limit their research or charge hefty fees. Consequently, perception studies are often felt to have delivered poor value for money.

    Also, because traditional research techniques can only access a relatively small number of individuals, it is very difficult for these studies to reliably capture the market-level view. Furthermore, if too much focus is put on interviewing large shareholders, this process risks overlooking views that are held in the wider investor community, which is precisely where valuation is often impacted.

    To fully understand the market perceptions influencing valuation, it is necessary to engage a wider investor audience that better represents the market view.

    Importantly, traditional perception research normally only provide the views of a limited group at a ‘moment in time', reported through unstructured interview transcripts that offer no ongoing utility. Unless these qualitative findings are combined with quantitative analyses, benchmarking and trends (etc), results are out of date as soon as they are delivered and destined for the archive.

    Perception studies have historically been an expensive way for companies to confirm the opinions of the investors they already know well, with very little added value or ongoing utility. The Living Perception Study changes this.

  • How we help

    QuantiFire has developed and tested technology and processes specifically designed to bring investor perception research and reporting into the 21st century.

    Our methodology combines thoughtful, investor-friendly research processes that have proven highly successful in obtaining large numbers of detailed responses from all types of institutional investor.

    Results are qualitative and quantitative, providing a foundation for rich analysis and ongoing measurement. The depth of information we obtain also means we rarely need to schedule interviews, which keeps costs down.

    Ultimately the success of any perception project hinges on the quality of the final report, and we are always delighted by the feedback that we get from our clients about this. However, the opportunity for ongoing value creation is where our service is truly differentiated, due to analytical insights that grow in importance over time.

  • What we deliver

    The Living Perception Study is a fully upgraded, proven and cost-effective alternative to traditional perception research. It achieves significantly higher participation rates — typically at least 100 responses — and far richer insights. It is uniquely able to grow in value over time.

    Key features:

    • Genuine market-level perception reporting that represents real value for money
    • Extensive written commentary from participating investors
    • The inclusion of data-centric analysis, which greatly improves clarity and context
    • Comprehensive narrative and interpretation, written by highly experienced senior consultants
    • Valued-added analysis, such as 'opportunity targeting' that highlights attributed respondents to follow up with based on an analysis of their answers
    • The creation of a valuable asset, not a throwaway: The Living Perception Study is specifically designed to grow and evolve as new results are added

What investors say

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  • You are doing a very good job. This perception study is proof. Broker
  • The fact that you are doing a perception study like this is innovative. Investment Manager
  • I appreciate these efforts to understand your investor base. Investment Manager
  • This is comprehensive and well thought-out research. Private Wealth Manager
  • I welcome this interaction and approach, aiming to engage with the investment community. Hedge Fund manager
  • We appreciate your efforts, responsiveness and transparency. Thank you for conducting this study. Hedge Fund manager
  • Thanks for requesting our feedback on the strategy, this structured & comprehensive approach is good. Investment Manager
  • Thanks for doing this research - sometimes you hear things you do not want to but try to see it as constructive criticism. Broker
  • Thank you all for doing a great job. I am very happy with your openness and expect you will benefit from initiatives like this. Broker
  • Keep up good work. This is another example thereof! Broker
  • This direct feedback loop is a great step in the right direction and something that only a few companies do. Broker
  • Excellent outreach. Thanks Hedge Fund manager
  • Well done for starting to ask the right questions. Independent Research
  • Thank you for your questions and for listening to us. Investment Manager
  • Well done on doing this. None of your peers have undertaken this exercise. Investment Manager
  • Thank you for asking for feedback. Investment Manager
  • Very good initiative now that there is less contact through brokers. Thanks. Investment Manager
  • Thank you for including us in this research. I would be very keen to learn more about the company. Investment Manager
  • This was really proactive and I appreciate it! Investment Manager
  • I appreciate you being pro active and outward looking as evidenced by this outreach. Investment Manager
  • ESG has become absolutely vital for investors. You should continue this openness for engagement and dialogue. Investment Manager
  • Thank you for providing this opportunity to feedback, I hope it's useful. Investment Manager
  • We appreciate the opportunity to engage and give our feedback. Investment Manager
  • Thank you for this opportunity to engage. Investment Manager
  • The quality of this enquiry is among the best I have seen. Sovereign Wealth Fund Manager
  • I it found very interesting to fill in the questionnaire you sent to investors. It is one of the best I have ever seen on the market. Investment Manager
  • It is great that you are doing this investor outreach and I do get the sense that the company is making great strides to improve. Investment Manager

Designed as an asset not a throwaway, the Living Perception Study in a class of its own.