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  • Key challenges with ESG prioritisation

    ESG is an increasingly critical topic for companies and investors who want to positively contribute to the world and mitigate risk. However, the burden of additional compliance, analysis and communication – not to mention revised strategic and operational focus – cannot be underestimated. As a corporate IR or sustainability professional, there are many difficult questions to answer:

    • Who are the ESG-focussed investors and analysts that are assessing your company?
    • What company-specific information does this audience need from you?
    • Which are the key areas of risk and opportunity, and how should this influence ESG policy and communication?
    • How is your progress being viewed relative to your peer group?
    • Which ESG analysts, surveys and conferences are most impactful?

    QuantiFire’s ESG Priority Analysis will answer these questions and more.

  • How we help

    ESG Priority Analysis from QuantiFire is a roadmap towards a more optimised programme of ESG focused investor engagement. We help you achieve this by identifying the key ESG specialists and interested generalists relevant to your company, and by analysing the ESG incorporation strategies, research sources, and information needs of these individuals.

    The result is turnkey ESG Feedback Intelligence that you can immediately use to build understanding, relationships and trust within this critical community.

  • What we deliver

    ESG Priority Analysis reporting is Feedback Intelligence with a particular focus on action items. This includes:

    • Detailed benchmarking of market perception regarding your company’s ESG performance and communication, to highlight are areas of strength or weakness
    • Analysis that helps prioritise the messages, investors, analysts, rating agency surveys and ESG conferences that are of greatest importance to your company
    • Recommended educational ideas and event themes based on robust analyses of market interests
    • An extensive list of fund managers, analysts and other specialists who have opted in to receive communication and invitations as part of your ongoing ESG engagement programme

    Read how National Grid used ESG Priority Analysis to prepare for its ESG Virtual Seminar.

What investors say

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  • Thanks for reaching out. Your company has many of the qualities we look for in a business so it would be good to have a call. Investment Manager
  • ESG has become absolutely vital for investors. You should continue this openness for engagement and dialogue. Investment Manager
  • We appreciate your efforts, responsiveness and transparency. Thank you for conducting this study. Hedge Fund manager
  • I am part of the ESG team covering your sector, so I would be very pleased to have a meeting. Investment Manager
  • Good initiative to set up this research. Investment Manager
  • Keep up good work. This is another example thereof! Broker
  • Thank you all for doing a great job. I am very happy with your openness and expect you will benefit from initiatives like this. Broker
  • Pleased you have engaged with us. Feel free to call and have a chat. Investment Manager
  • Thank you for this opportunity to engage. Investment Manager
  • We appreciate the opportunity to engage and give our feedback. Investment Manager
  • Very good and differentiating idea to ask for investors interest in this way! Investment Manager
  • The company has demonstrated an openness and keenness to implement investor feedback as part of its overall approach to ESG excellence. Investment Manager
  • Please encourage other issuers across Europe liaise directly with investors instead of going through intermediaries. It is unconflicted, lower cost and totally viable with technology advancements. Investment Manager
  • I appreciate you being pro active and outward looking as evidenced by this outreach. Investment Manager
  • This was really proactive and I appreciate it! Investment Manager
  • It would be good to receive updates to familiarise myself with your company and then have a meeting. Thanks. Private Wealth Manager
  • This is comprehensive and well thought-out research. Private Wealth Manager
  • Thanks for the invitation, and for taking the initiative to make the introduction. We would appreciate the chance to meet. Private Wealth Manager
  • Thank you for including us in this research. I would be very keen to learn more about the company. Investment Manager
  • I thought I would say thanks as you are doing exactly what I would love to see more companies doing. This is the way forward. Investment Manager
  • It is always good to see companies being proactive and wanting to meet investors, so this outreach is appreciated. Investment Manager
  • Well done on doing this. None of your peers have undertaken this exercise. Investment Manager
  • I think this proactive approach to investor engagement is excellent. Investment Manager
  • Well done for starting to ask the right questions. Independent Research
  • Reaching out to investors in this way is a positive move and will help investors to understand your story. Hedge Fund manager
  • Excellent outreach. Thanks Hedge Fund manager
  • I welcome this interaction and approach, aiming to engage with the investment community. Hedge Fund manager
  • We are delighted to receive this information and to be on your distribution list. Hedge Fund manager
  • The quality of this enquiry is among the best I have seen. Sovereign Wealth Fund Manager
  • I it found very interesting to fill in the questionnaire you sent to investors. It is one of the best I have ever seen on the market. Investment Manager
  • It is great that you are doing this investor outreach and I do get the sense that the company is making great strides to improve. Investment Manager

Find out where the investor community thinks you should focus time and resources on ESG activity and engagement.