We get asked a lot of questions and always welcome new ones!

  • Is QuantiFire's service compliant with data protection regulation?

    Securely managing sensitive data is critical to QuantiFire’s business operations. We store, process and manage data that has reputational and regulatory risks, so complying with the EU / UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) is essential. Beyond compliance, QuantiFire takes all data security risks extremely seriously. We have the necessary technical infrastructure, expertise, documented policies and procedures to manage all sensitive data in a responsible, secure and compliant way. QuantiFire’s Privacy Policy is available to view here. Any further information regarding data security and regulatory compliance will be made available upon request.

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  • Are investor responses anonymous or attributed?

    Our approach is to let the investor decide. We allow investors to choose whether they would prefer to engage anonymously or to be attributed at a personal or institutional level.

  • How does QuantiFire ensure maximum response rates?

    In addition to continuously growing a community of investors and analysts who trust our service, we undertake numerous steps and processes to ensure that our outreach achieves the best possible response rates, with significant care being paid to high-priority groups.


    Response rates are driven by many factors, which are sometimes beyond our control. The company's relationship with investors is naturally important, alongside a host of factors such as current 'newsworthiness', timing of the outreach versus other market activities, the quality of contact information being used, how the request is made, the time of day that it is sent, when it is followed up... Etc. Consequently, a 50-60% response rate may be reasonable to expect in some situations, whereas a response rate of 10% might be an outstanding result in others. Interestingly, we have noticed response rates improving since virtual interaction has become more common.


    QuantiFire is a niche expert in this complicated area, with an excellent understanding of what works and what does not. We are confident that we always get the best response rate that the situation allows. Our processes are commercially sensitive, but we are very pleased to share them with our clients.

  • Do investors ever indicate that they are unhappy about being asked for feedback?

    It does happen but it is extremely rare. Of the many thousands of requests that QuantiFire makes each year on behalf of our clients, we might receive 2 or 3 disgruntled responses (which are always dealt with quickly and personally at a senior level). It is much more typical that we see notes of thanks from investors who appreciate having the opportunity to share their thoughts in a convenient way. 


    There are several important steps that we undertake in order to minimise the risk of frustrating investors and achieve success. Our processes are commercially sensitive, but we are very pleased to share them with our clients.

  • How ‘bespoke’ are the questions that we ask to investors?

    This depends on the type of project being undertaken as some projects require more flexibility versus others, which better lend themselves to standardisation. In all cases, QuantiFire has pre-existing and market-tested question templates that can be used as a basis for consultation and revision. In certain instances we highly recommend that particular questions are presented in a prescribed way, in order to ensure the results can be used for benchmarking or other valuable quantitative analyses.

  • How long does a project take?

    This very much depends on the project type. Market Feedback reports can be generated within a matter of days, whereas Interest Research and Perception Studies typically take 4 - 6 weeks, although preliminary findings can be expedited if necessary. Some preparation time also needs to be taken into account, which varies significantly from company to company.