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  • Key challenges with investor targeting

    In an increasingly online world, legacy targeting solutions that rely on existing relationships or ageing profile data are no longer fit for purpose.

    Your company's valuation will suffer over time if you only meet the same old faces rather than a steady flow of new investors. Investment banks are less able to help with this than they use to be. Whilst desktop targeting solutions have proliferated to fill the gap, this type of remote profiling can only take you so far.

    The essential, final-mile intelligence that you need for investor targeting is ‘confirmed interest’. You don’t need better advisors to obtain this. You need better outreach.

    It’s time for a smarter approach to investor targeting with investor interest at it's core. 

  • How we help

    Interest Research is a fresh approach to investor targeting that is based on establishing and appealing to the interests of individual fund managers. It engages with relevant investors globally, through a tried and tested (and GDPR compliant) process of online invitation and registration.

    The service is unique in 'opting-in' investors from all over the world for future communication and engagement. By establishing the interests and requirements of participating individuals, our clients are able to prioritise precious time and resources by focusing on the needs of individuals with a genuine interest in their company. 

    Interest Research is a win-win for companies and investors and aims to make speculative meetings a thing of the past. 

  • What we deliver

    Interest Research is Feedback Intelligence that delivers up-to-date contact information from individuals who want to hear from you. This is complemented by an analysis of registered interests that will directly inform and energise your investor targeting and overall IR programme. 

    You receive:

    • Details of potential investors who want to learn more about your company
    • Updated distribution lists of individuals who have opted in (or out) of future communication
    • Suggested themes for programme activities that address the confirmed interests of relevant individuals and groups
    • High-quality reporting, including contact data that you can make use of straight away

    Interest Research is a fundamental upgrade to the most critical market intelligence that you hold.

What investors say

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  • I think this proactive approach to investor engagement is excellent. Investment Manager
  • Very good and differentiating idea to ask for investors interest in this way! Investment Manager
  • I appreciate you being pro active and outward looking as evidenced by this outreach. Investment Manager
  • Thanks for getting in touch. We manage a $16bn/30 position global investment program. Our average holding period is 10 years and we have little engagement with the sell side. We own a $500m position in one of your peers. Let's schedule a meeting. Investment Manager
  • Well done on doing this. None of your peers have undertaken this exercise. Investment Manager
  • Reaching out to investors in this way is a positive move and will help investors to understand your story. Hedge Fund manager
  • It is always good to see companies being proactive and wanting to meet investors, so this outreach is appreciated. Investment Manager
  • I thought I would say thanks as you are doing exactly what I would love to see more companies doing. This is the way forward. Investment Manager
  • I would very much appreciate the opportunity to meet the company. Thanks for getting in touch! Private Wealth Manager
  • We are delighted to receive this information and to be on your distribution list. Hedge Fund manager
  • We appreciate you taking more time to engage with investors in the US. Investment Manager
  • Excellent outreach. Thanks Hedge Fund manager
  • We would be more than happy to meet you, just let me know when. Hedge Fund manager
  • This is how all companies should manage their IR distribution, congratulations. Hedge Fund manager
  • I welcome this interaction and approach, aiming to engage with the investment community. Hedge Fund manager
  • Thanks for getting in touch, much appreciated. I have just completed the online form and we are looking forward to speaking/meeting with you. Investment Manager
  • Thanks for the approach. 50% of my fund is invested outside the US with a consistent investment in European equities. I’d be interested in learning more and then meeting. Investment Manager
  • Thank you for this outreach - it can be very difficult to get access to EU/UK IR and mgmt teams from the US - you are doing the best job at proactively getting in front of us. Investment Manager
  • Great to hear from you. We are definitely interested in following the company and would be grateful to be kept in the loop for roadshows, CMDs and IR presentations, etc. Thanks so much. Investment Manager
  • Very good initiative now that there is less contact through brokers. Thanks. Investment Manager
  • Thank you for including us in this research. I would be very keen to learn more about the company. Investment Manager
  • Thanks for the invitation, and for taking the initiative to make the introduction. We would appreciate the chance to meet. Private Wealth Manager
  • This is comprehensive and well thought-out research. Private Wealth Manager
  • It would be good to receive updates to familiarise myself with your company and then have a meeting. Thanks. Private Wealth Manager
  • It would be great to meet just let me know when. Sovereign Wealth Fund Manager
  • This was really proactive and I appreciate it! Investment Manager
  • Please encourage other issuers across Europe liaise directly with investors instead of going through intermediaries. It is unconflicted, lower cost and totally viable with technology advancements. Investment Manager
  • Direct contact like this works better than depending on sell-side/brokers. Investment Manager
  • We don't use the sell side and therefore welcome this direct contact from the IR department. Investment Manager
  • Good initiative to set up this research. Investment Manager
  • Thank you for this opportunity to engage. Investment Manager
  • Thanks for reaching out. Your company has many of the qualities we look for in a business so it would be good to have a call. Investment Manager
  • Pleased you have engaged with us. Feel free to call and have a chat. Investment Manager
  • Please continue this outreach to debt investors. An annual or biannual meeting would be tremendously helpful. Need not be only at the time of issuance. Investment Manager
  • The quality of this enquiry is among the best I have seen. Sovereign Wealth Fund Manager
  • It is great that you are doing this investor outreach and I do get the sense that the company is making great strides to improve. Investment Manager

Interest Research is a smarter approach to investor targeting that allows interested investors to opt in for engagement.