QuantiFire has partnered with InterAxS, a pioneering independent provider of corporate and strategic access. Through our collaboration we provide the investor community with an extremely focused and targeted service that delivers relevant corporate engagement, as well as high-quality differentiated content from a broad spectrum of senior and rarely heard experts.


QuantiFire’s perception studies provide the most in-depth understanding of how a company is perceived by the market, through a unique combination of qualitative and quantitative research. We identify exactly what a company most needs to demonstrate, in order to support it’s investment case.

Our technology enabled approach is more convenient for investors. As a result we typically achieve detailed feedback from large numbers of key shareholders and potential investors – across multiple subject areas.

The advantage of a QuantFire perception study is not only that we report a genuine and robust ‘market view’. By working with investor response information ‘as data’, we ensure that it can be properly measured, bench-marked and trended. Therefore unlike other studies, a QuantiFire perception study is a real ‘asset’ that will grow in value, over time.


There are many ways that Investor Relations teams seek to identify investors who might be a good fit for their company.  However, the viability of a ‘target investor’ is hypothetical until the relevant fund manager or buy side analyst has a confirmed interest.

QuantiFire uses technology to proactively engage carefully selected fund managers, in order to confirm their interest and contact preferences. This generates valuable intelligence that optimises roadshows, by highlighting the money centres and individuals that should be a high priority for a company to visit.

Identifying actual interest is almost always the missing piece of the jigsaw during the investor targeting process. QuantiFire’s innovative ‘Interest Research’ service delivers this final-mile intelligence to our corporate clients.


We provide a dedicated ‘always-on’ feedback service that produces structured feedback for all IR-related activities, from roadshows and conferences to capital markets days and seminars.

For investors, this service is simple, secure and convenient. For corporate IR teams, we deliver professional and insightful management reporting.

As a fully independent service provider, QuantiFire has no conflicts of interest problems with ‘no broker feedback policies’. Our direct and unedited feedback service clearly highlights where communication could be improved or adjusted.