QuantiFire’s experienced and senior team has developed technology and processes that deliver real efficiency to an IR programme. We enable direct collaboration in a way that is highly convenient for everyone.


We are proud to provide highly innovative and effective investor engagement services to some of the highest profile companies in the world, across multiple sectors and geographies.  We work in partnership with our clients with a total focus on delivering high quality intelligence that can be put to work immediately.

Example comments from corporate clients:

“The Quantifire perception report is uniquely different: online engagement drives high levels of participation and rapid turnaround; and the data driven analysis provides valuable and actionable insights that other, more qualitative studies fail to capture.  The value of this type of perception exercise lies in the analysis of sometimes quite subtle trends and deviations from the norm that can inform strategic IR decision making, something that will become more and more important in a post MiFID world.” Director of IR, FTSE 250, UK

“A really good service, offering valuable insight into investor sentiment.” IR Manager, FTSE 100, UK

“The combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis is impressive.” IR Director, IBEX 30, Spain

“QuantiFire’s investor perception and IR data analysis is an intelligent solution which provides valuable feedback on investors’ view of the strategy and the business.” Head of IR, FTSE 100, UK

“QuantiFire are responsive, experienced and industry experts.” Head of IR, FTSE 250, UK


QuantiFire uses technology to collect responses from thousands of investors on behalf of the companies that we work with. Our success is based on building trust, which we achieve though highly targeted outreach and by offering investors the option of anonymity when they respond. We also ensure that the engagement process is easy, quick and secure.

Example comments from investors:

“I think this proactive approach regarding MIFID II is excellent”. Portfolio Manager.

“This is how all companies should manage their IR. Congratulations”. Portfolio Manager.

“Pleased you have engaged like this”. Portfolio Manager.

“I appreciate you being proactive and outward looking, as demonstrated by this outreach”. Portfolio Manager.

“Well done on doing this. Keep up the good work”. Portfolio Manager.


QuantiFire’s clients often make a small donation to charity as a way of thanking investors for their feedback. We believe that we can have a positive impact by working together and have already raised thousands of pounds for good causes.